Other added value services


1. Strategic planning of bids

Involving our team of professionals in your future projects is a guarantee of success


Bco Congresos has a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in designing bid strategies and bid presentations. More than 200 successful bids projects endorse our passion for careful planning. The 4 keys towards success are:

  • High commitment and a great effort of all parts involved in the process
  • The planning of a winning strategy
  • A very detailed action plan coordinated by our team of experts

2. Management and consultancy for associations

We are specialists in the professional management of associations and scientific societies. We put at your disposal our knowledge, experience and resources to develop and adopt business oriented management models that helps your organization to achieve sustainable growth and to increase the value proposition for your members as well as other stakeholders.

  • Communication and marketing
  • Organization of professional meetings
  • Drawing up and carrying out training and education programs
  • Elaboration of reports and statistics
  • Financial and administrative executive management
  • Strategic plan development
  • Public administration interaction
  • Professional development and education
  • Personalization of all services according to the aims defined by your organization

3. Development of new sponsorship strategies and industry partner programs

You help us to open doors, we are doing the rest!


Attracting sponsors for a congress requires experienced and trained specialists who know how to approach companies and to determine how they would like to get involved. We consider that the best way to increase industry participation is to offer innovative and personalized solutions.

It is worth mentioning that BCD Travel Spain, our sister company specialized in the corporate travel, has a huge client portfolio that most probably includes a high percentage of regular and newly targeted sponsors.

Bco Congresos will assist you with the design of a personalized strategy that creates the sponsorship opportunities the industry is looking for.

4. Education / training

We are specialized in improving the competitiveness and positioning of those destinations and venues that have the appropriate infrastructure for meetings and business events.

  • Production and carrying out of education/training programs for suppliers and local authorities
  • Business plan development and creation of responsible promotion entities (convention bureaus)
  • Creation of a supporting network involving local key stakeholders in order to attract new events
  • Assessment and recommendations in the design of promotional material and bid books
  • Creation of an interactive private-public team in the city or country